Finding Code Part 2 | Visual Studio Toolbox

In part 1 of our two-part series on finding code, we discussed the new updates made to the Find in Files tool in Visual Studio. In part 2, Andrew and Dante share other useful ways to search your code, including a preview of the brand new cross-repository search feature!

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MFractor for Windows | The Xamarin Show | The Xamarin Show

This week, James is joined by Matthew Robbins from the MFractor team who shows off the brand new version of MFractor with Windows support! MFractor adds several features so you can make great Xamarin and Xamarin.Forms apps faster. It includes tons of refactoring for C#, XAML, and more! So Tune In!

Time Codes:

[00:00] Intro to MFractor
[02:30] XAML Analysis
[07:00] Refactoring Styles & Intellisense
[11:20] ViewModel Association
[16:10] Grid Intellisense and Refactoring
[18:00] Image Management

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How Fidelity Investments enabled Azure at scale for their developers | Azure Friday

Maintaining an elevated level of security and governance in regulated industries like financial services can introduce complexity and friction. Geoff Langfield from Fidelity Investments joins Scott Hanselman to show how they’re eliminating this friction by using automation to onboard their large developer community to Azure at scale.

[0:00:00]– Intro
[0:00:40]– Episode start
[0:03:47]– Demo: Fidelity’s AAF user portal, Part 1
[0:05:50]– Explanation of the automation workflow
[0:09:36]– Demo: Fidelity’s AAF user portal, Part 2
[0:10:47]– Architectural design discussion
[0:13:47]– Episode wrap-up

Why Azure SQL is Best For Developers – Part 1 | Data Exposed

Azure SQL has a lot of built-in features that make it the best database in the cloud for developers. In this first part of this two-part series, we’ll discuss what those features are and which kinds of customers can benefit most from them.

[01:30] Why customers choose Azure SQL
[02:21] Security
[02:30] Scale-out
[03:15] Advanced analytical processing
[03:42] High-concurrency optimizations
[04:10] Development experience
[05:02] Geospatial support
[05:30] Multi-model capabilities
[07:00] Start-up example using Azure SQL
[08:38] Enterprise example using Azure SQL
[10:45] Web Applications

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Sync Mobile Apps with Azure Using Change Tracking API

Accelerating Apache Spark 3.0 with GPUs and RAPIDS

Given the parallel nature of many data processing tasks, it’s only natural that the massively parallel architecture of a GPU should be able to parallelize and accelerate Apache Spark data processing queries, in the same way that a GPU accelerates deep learning (DL) in artificial intelligence (AI). NVIDIA has worked with the Apache Spark community to implement GPU acceleration through the release…


Detecting Rotated Objects Using the NVIDIA Object Detection Toolkit

Figure 1. A portion of the International Society for Remote Sensing and Photogrammetry (ISPRS) Potsdam dataset. Rotated bounding boxes of the vehicle class, calculated using the segmentation masks labels, are shown in green. Object detection and classification in imagery using deep neural networks (DNNs) and convolutional neural networks (CNNs) is a well-studied area. For some applications…


Demystifying ARM Templates: Creating Your First Template | The DevOps Lab

Now it’s time to code. This session will introduce Visual Studio Code tools and show you how to create your first template from snippet, and how to deploy it. 

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ASP.NET Core Series: Getting started with the Worker templates | On .NET

The Worker Service templates in ASP.NET Core provides a starting point for writing long running service apps.

In this episode, Brady Gaster to show us how we can get started with the Worker templates inside of Visual Studio.

  • [00:31] – What are the Worker templates?
  • [03:58] – Creating a new worker service in Visual Studio
  • [07:59] – Using the worker services in Docker


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Azure Digital Twins Preview New Capabilities | Internet of Things Show

Here is a quick overview of the new capabilities for the Azure Digital Twins Preview, the IoT platform that enables the creation of next-generation IoT connected solutions that model the real world. In this video, you will not only learn about the new features but you will also see them in action as we walk through how to get started with the service!

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Listen to the WHY of the Power Platform with Charles Lamanna | #LessCodeMorePower

The Visionary Episode: Join Dona and Sarah as we talk to Charles Lamanna, CVP of low code platforms at Microsoft why exactly he believes in the Power Platform. If you want to know the ‘WHY’ behind Power Platform, then join us and become part of the conversation! We also have a great RPA demo connecting to Power Virtual Agents and discuss plans around how we will be creating User Groups in every city in the world, so stay tuned!

Charles Lamanna is the CVP of low code platforms and is the leader of the Power Platform movement at Microsoft. Charles gets involved in internal Microsoft initiatives and external communities, demonstrating the capabilities of Power Apps, Power Automate and Power Virtual Agents across every industry. Learn more about Charles here:

To learn more, visit: