Relativity Space and 6K Set Up Recyclable 3D Printing System to Build New Rockets

(Image courtesy of Relativity Space.)

Reusable rockets are the cause célèbre among the aerospace startups SpaceX and Blue Origin. SpaceX has been using 3D printing since 2014, and Velo3D just landed a contract with the famed aerospace company to build more parts and components for its ongoing space program. 3D printing is part of automating manufacturing, which can help keep down the costs of building rockets. In this spirit of automated rocket manufacturing, startup company Rel…

Could 3D-Printed ‘Bone Bricks’ End Amputation?

These ‘bone bricks’ are pieced together to fill the gap caused by missing bone. (Image courtesy of The Conversation.)

Researchers at the University of Manchester have developed 3D-printed ‘bone bricks’ as a cost-effective method of repairing shattered limbs that are a result of blast explosions. These bone bricks are designed to click together like Lego bricks, creating a personalized fit for blast victims at a time of critical need at Syrian refugee camps.
Thousands …

3D Printing a Floating House in 48 Hours

This floating dreamboat was built in 48 hours in the Czech Republic. (Image courtesy of Prvok.)

At its best, 3D-printed construction is a subject that can enthrall the brightest and most inventive minds to dream of redefining what it means to build a house, building or other structure. The time it takes to construct, the material used, and the new levels of automation are inspiring.
And who among us does not want to embrace a present that seems more like the future?
There are groups spread…

Startup’s Bike Helmet is Custom Fit, 3D Printed Honeycomb

Hexr helmet. (Image courtesy of HEXR.)

The use of 3D printed honeycomb material to pad helmets has been practiced now for years. But the process continues to be refined. The latest company to do this is London-based Hexr with a bioplastic called Polyamide-11 made from castor bean oil. The honeycomb shape underneath the custom bike helmet offers riders better protection than foam based helmets, according to the company.
Hexr claims that the honeycomb absorbs impact 68 percent more effectively…

LEHVOSS Develops a New Flame-Retardant 3D Printing Filament

The chemical company LEHVOSS Group announced the introduction of a new 3D printing filament with flame-retardant properties. The high temperature polyamide has ceramic fillers to help it achieve a high enough thermal stability to retard very high temperatures without losing its structural stability.
Users can 3D print with the new filament, LUVOCOM 3F PAHT, and build flame-retardant components with layer thicknesses of .4 millimeters. These components will meet the guidelines for Safety of Fla…

GE Joins Forces to Develop 3D-Printed Concrete Bases That Lift Wind Turbines to Record Heights

GE, COBOD and LafargeHolcim plan to use 3D printing to manufacture concrete bases that could add as much as 80 meters to the height of wind turbines. (Image courtesy of The Verge.)

GE Renewable Energy, COBOD and LafargeHolcim are using a combination of 3D printing, materials science and robotics to 3D-print variable height bases for wind turbines directly on site. These concrete bases can range from 10 to 80 meters in height, and the plan is to add a steel tower to the base and give each wind…

Experts Share Best Practices for 3D Printing COVID-19 Personal Protective Equipment

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Healthcare professionals wearing 3D printed PPE. (Image courtesy of Simpli…

Critical Lessons We Can Learn from Materialise During the Pandemic

(Image courtesy of Materialise.)

The COVID-19 pandemic has broken global supply chains and obliterated trade routes, forcing countries to turn to themselves. Manufacturers of critical medical equipment were caught off guard by a flood of patients, many of whom required immediate hospitalization.

The global supply chain was falling flat on its face in areas critical to fighting the pandemic, even prior to its global outbreak. For example, medical facilities needed millions of N95…

Not for Lack of Support—Netfabb 2021.0 for 3D Print Processing

Perhaps the most thankless task of getting a 3D print ready is having to add supports. And the most galling task is to then remove them from the part after it emerges from the 3D printer.
Netfabb’s latest release helps with that. There are new options for projecting bar supports and helping determine where they are placed. Supports can concentrate on mostly flat and level surfaces below the overhangs.
Individual supports created from a script can be turned off or on, which is great for d…

These 3D Prints Not Only Look Good—They’re Delicious!

Edible Flower Pot by Chef Davide Oldani of DO. (Image courtesy of Natural Machines.)

A little over two years ago, Japanese startup Open Meals caught media attention when it showcased its patent-pending “Pixel Food Printer.” The prototype could 3D print various types of food, especially sushi—one of the best-known Japanese foods around the world.
The 8-bit gel pixelated sushi was not exactly a gastronomist’s delight, nor did it even come anywhere close to Jiro Ono&rsq…