Renesas Electronics IPS2200 High-Speed Inductive Position Sensor

Renesas / IDT IPS2200 High-Speed Inductive Position Sensor uses the physical principle of Eddy currents instead of magnets and does not require a resolver-to-digital converter (RDC). The sensor is up to 10x thinner and 100x lighter than resolvers while the flexible design works around motors and supports through-shaft and side-shaft layouts. Renesas / IDT IPS2200 supports high-speed applications up to 250kRPM electrical with very short latency. This sensor features a sin/cos single-ended or differential interface, I2C or SPI programming interface, and a built-in diagnostics features. Ideal applications include general-purpose motors, industrial machines and automation systems, small e-vehicles, medical equipment, robots, and collaborative robots, and more.
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