Python 语言服务器 Pylance

Pylance 是一个扩展,可与 Visual Studio Code 中的 Python 一起使用,以提供高性能的语言支持。 Pylance 是以微软的静态类型检查工具 Pyright 作为基础开发的全新的语言服务器,利用类型 stubs(.pyi 文件)和惰性类型推断来提供高性能的开发体验。Pylance 通过丰富的类型信息增强了用户的 Python IntelliSense 体验,可帮助用户更快更好地编写代码。Pylance 扩展还随附了热门模块的形态存根档(Type Stub)集合,以提供快速、…

高性能数据虚拟化引擎 openLooKeng

openLooKeng 是一款高性能数据虚拟化引擎,提供统一 SQL 接口,具备跨数据源/数据中心分析能力以及面向交互式、批、流等融合查询场景。同时增强了前置调度、跨源索引、动态过滤、跨源协同、水平拓展等能力。 随着大数据技术的应用和发展,数据种类越来越多,数据分布越来越广,查询场景也越来越复杂,这使得大数据使用更加困难。为了改善大数据的易用性,数据虚拟化引擎 openLooKeng 开源项目旨在解决上述问题: 统一 SQL 接口访…

Relativity Space and 6K Set Up Recyclable 3D Printing System to Build New Rockets

(Image courtesy of Relativity Space.)

Reusable rockets are the cause célèbre among the aerospace startups SpaceX and Blue Origin. SpaceX has been using 3D printing since 2014, and Velo3D just landed a contract with the famed aerospace company to build more parts and components for its ongoing space program. 3D printing is part of automating manufacturing, which can help keep down the costs of building rockets. In this spirit of automated rocket manufacturing, startup company Rel…

Sasol narrows immediate asset-disposal focus to ‘top ten’ list

Chemicals and energy group Sasol has developed a list of ten major assets that will be prioritised for sale in the coming weeks and months as it moves to streamline the business into what is being termed ‘Sasol 2.0’, while also raising proceeds to help it reduce a $9.5-billion debt burden. In total, the group has identified more than 20 assets for disposal from a portfolio of about 100 cash-generating units.
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Valitor research helps restaurants as they reopen to exceed customer expectations

3rd July 2020: Payments solutions company Valitor has created a list of key recommendations which could help restaurants and bars exceed customer expectations when they reopen tomorrow. With restaurant and bar owners currently developing safe ways of working and selling for their businesses, the critical question is, will diners return and how will they choose their restaurant? Valitor worked with market insight company Context Consulting to interview 2006 people across the UK about their dining…

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Dock seeks validators for Danforth testnet

Friday 3rd July – San Francisco, CA. Today, Dock Systems Inc, a blockchain company specializing in verifiable credentials announced that they will be releasing the Danforth testnet at the end of July and are seeking partnerships with validators. Further to the release of the Northill testnet and completion of the company’s schema and interop milestones, Dock is moving to the next stage of our development – the decentralization of the infrastructure on which Dock runs….

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